The regrettable result of this situation is the fact that Molly Hooper.

The Ecstasy Explosion by AKABess (E, 3641 w. || Sherlock/John/OFC || Threesome – M/F/M, sex pollen/chemical aphrodisiac, dub-con due to intercourse pollen) – Sherlock inadvertently doses himself, their housekeeper (never Mrs. Hudson) and John having a biological representative whoever negative effects consist of extreme horniness.

Non Johnlock Threesomes

As soon as then once again by LuxObscura (E, 6115 w. || Molly/Lestrade/John || Threesome – M/F/M) – Molly Hooper has historically bad taste in men – they’ve tended to be either selfish or simply oblivious. The regrettable result of this example is that Molly Hooper has never really had a climax while having sex with another individual. John and Greg, being both stand-up blokes and intercourse on feet choose to assist her away with that specific situation.

The Thanks you can get by Rehfan (E, 13482 w. || Lestrade/OFC, Sherlock/OFC, Sherlock/Lestrade, Sherlock/Lestrade/OFC || Threesome – M/F/M, 1920s AU, romance, het-sex, voyeurism) – It’s 1920 while the mystery of a lacking jewel was resolved. Through the instance Greg Lestrade has dropped for a lady above their meagre place. خواندن ادامه‌ی این نوشته …