Beds high in naked systems, private pools full of cocktails and porn discos – inside ‘Fast Eddie’s’ raucous intercourse events

NAKED superstars romping for a giant sleep, private pools filled up with cocktails and adult toys scattered across a mansion floor – here is the key globe Fast Eddie’s sordid soirees.

Edward ‘Fast Eddie’ Davenport has made millions from throwing crazy class that is high for London’s rich and fabulous.

But a darker part to their kingdom was revealed this after a bouncer was stabbed to death outside one of his VIP events on New Year’s Eve week.

Tudor Simionov, 33, ended up being knifed while keeping down nine yobs outside an intercourse party Davenport had allegedly organised in a luxurious property in Park Lane.

But Fast Eddie’s reputation whilst the showman that is seedy of End ended up being notorious well before the bloodshed on January 1.

Their nights that are wild recognized for absolutely absolutely nothing being off restrictions. خواندن ادامه‌ی این نوشته …